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by anonymous

I am trying to connect remotely via OpenVPN to a device connected to the router via ethernet using the RUT955.

I get a connection via OpenVPN but I can not access the device in the LAN circle of router.

In my network settings the LAN connection is there but no network access.

 What settings do I need to make to establish the connection?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Could you post your OpenVPN client and server configuration? You can blur out sensitive information such as IPs, etc.

by anonymous


by anonymous

Oh, you do use the RMS VPN service. 

In that case, please navigate the Routes section and route to the device that you would like to reach via RUT955. Do not forget to enable LAN forwarding of your RUT95 and reboot VPN hub.

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by anonymous
Of course i did all instructions as in the video
by anonymous
I just tried to connect the laptop to the router via ethernet cable and ping my laptop from another PC that is in the VPN hub without issues.

I would like to ask if you could delete the hub and configure everything again?
by anonymous

Yes. I did it many  times.

Same problem. RUT955 lan connection works local but i cant connect to via vpn tunnel

by anonymous
It is maby the problem in rooting or vpn configuration in the RUT955 directly?