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by anonymous

How do I force Wired WAN as my primary via CLI?

reason, I am unable do set it via WebUI. it keeps reverted back to Mobile WAN as primary

thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Which device and firmware version you are using right now? Can you upgrade it or please restore your device to factory default settings. The primary connection should not be reverted back if it is online. Could you attach screenshots to demonstrate the issue?

by anonymous
I am using RUT950 and running firmware R_00.06.08.3. This happens since we upgraded the firmware. unfortunately Im not able to upgrade this due to the system flash drive is at 97%. and I have no idea what to delete. Because this is a remote side, I have told the site manager to remove the internal sim to get the Wired WAN to work hence I am unable to send you the screenshot.

Are you able to tell me how to clean up the flash rom to enable me to upgrade to version 7 firmware?
by anonymous
At this point deleting separate files is not worth it, I would suggest a factory reset of the device if that is possible and configure everything again after updating the firmware.
by anonymous
I am keen to hear about your outcome once you have tried the suggested action.

I have upgraded RUT950 firmware to release 7 with new web UI.

I cannot get primary WAN to work at all except for Mobile connection.

I am trying to get it to work using WWAN without success
by anonymous

just a quick update, i have actually managed to factory reset and able to update to release 7, but the mobile 2 arent able to connect to network, it detected the sim and thats it