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Hi there,

my router is installed in a car. When I am away from home it shall use the internal modem/SIM card but when the car is parked at home it shall connect to my home wifi. The solution to this is to have the proper failover rule in place and add my home wifi credentials, right?

The mobile interface works as it should be, all good. Today I wanted to add the WWAN interface. I connected my router to my own home network (network-wireless section of the router's webui). That was easy. Now, when I tried to move the WWAN interface in the interfaces list to the very top I realized that the status is always "stopped". I cannot get it running.

In essence this means that I cannot use my home wifi, the router continues to use the SIM card.

The router is running on latest firmware.

Thanks in advance, Eura.

1 Answer

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Do your wireless interface display stopped status even after the first time you connected it to your home network? Could you try to change your home network wireless channel?