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by anonymous
I can't access some other devices from RMS VPN HUB? I am trying with ABB CP600  but doesn't not working ? What is the reason I can't access this device ? From your video RMS VPN HUB you can go the camera page via IP address but I can't go to the ABB CP600 page via IP address ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I would like to know more about your setup, can you ping your ABB CP600 LAN IP from a computer connected to the same VPN network?

Could you share your RMS company name, so we could investigate your HUB?

by anonymous

"Could you share your RMS company name, so we could investigate your HUB?"

I cannot find your Hub in the system without this information.

by anonymous
Hey man I am using Teltonika Remote Management System. In this RMS, there is the options RMS VPN Hub I am using that one and download the config from from my RMS account. Next, Open .OVPN file in OpenVPN connect and connected to the RMS VPN Hub to the RUT955 router. I added route of my ABB CP600 in VPN HUB in RUT955 routes but I can't go ABB CP600 WebUI page. I hope you will understand now.
by anonymous
I will explain it in other words. I DO know that you are using RMS. For that you have created a username and password, after confirming your email, it was required to create a company name in the RMS system. Either way, if you could tell me your RMS username, I will be able to search for what I do need.
by anonymous
I sent my username message in private message.
by anonymous
Now I would like to ask if you could log in to your router locally and navigate Services > Cloud Solutions > RMS and press connect button?