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Is there a way to use the RUTX R1 without a SIM inserted? Most of the time we will only use the router with a wired WAN connection and only need the failover under certain conditions. Even after a change to set the WAN port as the main WAN source I cannot access the router after a reboot without a SIM card inserted. Is there a way for that?


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Thank you for contacting.

Yes you can use the RutxR1 without sim , there is no issues in using it without using sim.

Further if you aren't able to access the device. May i know if your pc/laptop is not on static IP.

Have you tried to access the device through ssh ?

Are you able to ping the IP of RutxR1 ?

Have you tried using different browser?

Try to reset the device or re-flash the device firmware.   

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Hi Ahmed,

thanks for your reply! After the fourth reboot without changing any settings it just started working without a SIM inserted. The WAN LED still shows nothing, neither wired nor mobile, but it works and I'm online.