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Using an RUT240 with firmware 1.14.3 as a wireguard peer (client).

After a couple of issues the RUT240 was successfully configured as a peer and worked fine. I then changed the server to a different machine, and added a second peer config to the RUT240, and got that connected fine. As I didnt need the original peer config now, I attempted to delete it from the GUI, but got this error:

As suggested, I attempted to delete the luci-indexcache file from CLI but that didnt change anything.

I resolved the issue by using vi from CLI to edit etc/config/network to remove the peers configuration.

Note that I didnt factory reset the RUT240 and redo the config to confirm the issue, but may do if Teltonika cant replicate the problem.

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I was able to reproduce your issue and informed our RnD department about this. Hopefully, the fix will be released soon.