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by anonymous

We set up a RUT240 with VLAN and mobile internet connection.

1. network: VLAN ID1

  • 10.90.70.x 
  • Net:
  • Gateway:

2. network VLAN ID71

  • 10.90.71.x 
  • Net:
  • Gateway:

We are using the LAN port of the RUT240 to the local network

The  connected devices VLAN71 (e.g. datalogger with IP address / gateway are not able to reach internet. But the Ip addresses are listed as below. 

Which setting we have to adapt that the devices in the VLAN ID 71 are able to access internet? 

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting.

By default all the vlans you create should have internet unless you didn't created any traffic rules.

May i know what firmware are you using ? In case its old try to upgrade to the latest.

Further have you checked trying different network for both the vlans ?

Like 10.90.70.x for 1

20.90.70.x for other?

Let me know.

Thanks .


by anonymous
Hello Ahmed,

thanks for your help. I used the latest firmware. I also tried it with the following setup:

1: 192.168.0.x (VLAN 1)
2: 192.168.10.x (VLAN 10)

Unfortunately without success. In the RUT240 I see the ip adresses of the VLAN 10 but without MAC address and internet access.

Do you have a system running with VLAN and RUT240 and could you send details or a configuration for testing.

Thanks and best regards
by anonymous
by anonymous
Hello, we tried everything according the examples and it didn't work. Is there any other solution for this problem?
by anonymous


I have tested it on my side and its working fine .

I have also tried to set both the vlans in my device manager settings as attached.

For default vlan i keep it 0 and for the new vlan i keep it 2 and in both the conditions i had internet on pc also the IP addresses it obtained from the vlan id i specify.

Further i am attaching a video link for my configurations .