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by anonymous
Hi all,

I have a RUT955 and am disappointed about the WiFi/4G speed so I’m considering a RUTX14.

Questions about the antenna connectors of the RUTX12 and 14;

I assume that the RUTX12 has 2 antenna connectors per individual modem, right?

The RUTX14 has 1 modem and 2x2 antenna connectors as well. Could I use 2 separate antennas with the RUTX14 (a omnidirectional puck antenna and a directional Poynting antenna) so that the RUTX14 chooses the antenna with the best signal??

Thanks in advance for your answer!

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Your assumption that RUTX12 and RUTX14 do have 2 antenna connectors for each modem is correct.

You can use an omnidirectional and directional Poynting antenna at the same moment too, but be aware that each modem does have 1x MAIN and 1x AUX connector and each antenna will be connected to a different modem, which means that if your second set of antennas will have better signal quality, it will affect only modem 2.

by anonymous

I guess that’s right for the RUTX12 but I was under the impression that the RUTX14 has only 1 modem but at CAT6 and could choose the best antenna?

Or is the difference between the RUTX12 and RUTX14 2 physical modems versus 2 virtual ones?

by anonymous
Yes, you are correct again (my mistake)

RUTX14 does have a single physical modem and your assumptions are right. You will be able to connect different types of antennas and use better signal strength.