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(1) The "Reboot Report" stopped working after the latest FW Update. It was not even possible to send a Test E-Mail.

(2) The newly created "Web UI Report" does not work as well and Test E-Mail also failed to be sent. When selecting a "Subtype", the overview depicts "N/A" instead of showing the correct subtype!

(3) Other Events Reports have not been verified yet

In the meantime I found, that the FW-Update swithed off the USE of the E-Mail Credentials in the account settings!

Only Test E-Mails can be sent sucessfully. Events which should trigger E-Mails only appear in the event log. I also changed from E-Mail to SMS which works fine.

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I sincerely apologize for a late reply. I would like to inform you that issues about event reporting with emails are known to our development team and are currently in the works to be fixed.