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by anonymous

I'am using the RUT955 SERVICE->GPS->AVL !

Currently, if I turn off the RUT955, all unsent data is lost! Is it possible to keep unsent data in memory?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
You might queue up the data in flash (not a good solution) OR on a storage-USB-stick.

Will need some custom scripts, of course.
Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks for your response. I will do that.

Maybe you already have sample scripts doing something like this?
by anonymous
Yes: I have done this kind of stuff, for some large IoT project.

No: It was done on _standard_ openwrt, to run on the RUT955s. For various reasons, like having latest and greatest kernel and packages, independent support, much more flexibility in customization. And, to be vendor-independent.
by anonymous
Why its not a good idea to write data to flash ?
by anonymous
Wear and tear might damage the flash, which is not designed for lot of read/writes.