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by anonymous
Hello All,

As I mentioned in the subject my router is connected to the mobile network but I don;t have an internet connection. I have a Public Static IP in Orange Romania, the router takes the IP correctly from the mobile network.

PS : If i insert the SIM in another router it's working without any issues.
by anonymous

I am having the same issue with Teltonika 240 router. This must be some changes made by Teltonika recently since this router was working a month back.

To summarize:

  • I have SIM-inserted and mobile set to default WAN
  • The IP is successfully given from operator
  • But the clients connecting to WiFi hotspot does not have internet access

UPDATE: Under Network->WAN i "unchecked" disable_NAT checkbox and now it works!

I had to find the UPN information for Verizon (vzwinternet) by seatching google.
by anonymous

I have same problem with RUT240 and latest FW. WAN is set to mobile, nothing other changed. Once time, I was connected to internet for short time, but after power off / on (change plug) it never start connection with mobile network. I tried also restart to factory mode and setup router again, but nothing help. I have generated troubleshooting file for check, if someone want to help me with check.


3 Answers

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have you checked your mobile settings APN? Have you set to use mobile as WAN? What shows in status window?
by anonymous

Hello, and thanks for your answer.

The router gives the information that the data it's connected . Furthermore, yesterday I try to connect the router to the internet via Wire (in the WAN slot). Of course I set the WAN - Wire to be the default Internet connection for the router. The WAN is connected from a router (DHCP) and it has an internet connection(if I connect a laptop it takes an IP and you have internet) Unfortunately after all these testing I still have no internet in the router. 

I try to restore to original defaults, but still the same issue 

PS : I use FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.05.1

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by anonymous
I have a RUT240 in Bridge Mode and there was a major power outage. When power came back on the RUT240 did not manage to register to mobile network. The Status LED were blinking 2G => 3G => 4G ("Access denied" according to the manual). After serveral hours RUT240 could still not register to the mobile network. Other devices e.g. mobile handset had no problem getting Internet Access via the same mobile ISP.

I had to drive 2x 70km just to login to RUT240 and manually click "(Re)register". After that the RUT240 could connect and get Internet Access.

Is it very bad design that RUT240 can get stuck in registering-phase and not being able to get out of if (by re-registering) by it self! If this is the case I will have to remove the RUT240 and replace it. I really hope this issue will be fixed.
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Network -> Mobile -> uncheck auto APN