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by anonymous

I started the OpenVPN server on the RUT240 router using the mobile internet.
The clients can reach the server's subnet and can work without interruption. But from server's subnet I can not reach the clients subnets or clients. I try ping  the clients from the router/server (using SSH or CLI) but the ping did not response. The OpenVPN's clietn's can not reach each other, only servers subnet.
I read the Teltonika's examples how to configurate the RUT240.
My servers settings:
Protocol: UPD
Port: 1194
Client to client: TRUE
Keep alive:
Virtual network IP address:
Virtual network mask:
Push options:
route (server's subnet)
route (one of the clients subnet).
Authentication: TLS
Encryption: AES-128-CBC 128
TLS cipter: All
HMAC authentication algorithm: SHA256
Additional HMAC authentication: none.

My one clients TLS config:

Endpoint name/Common name (CN)/Virtual local endpoint/Virtual remote endpoint/Private network/Private netmask
client client

How to configurate that I could reach the clients from server/ and servers subnetwork.
by anonymous
Hi R us setting the rut240 as OvenVpn Server? using mobile network?

I have just spent 2 days playing with that. I could ping from RUT to web but could not Ping from WWW to RUT's IP address assigned by mobile network.

Today found the issue. Some ( may be all) Mobile providers connect their mobiles to a private network. So you do not get a public WWW IP address. So there is not easy way to get inside the private lan. So another way is to set up the router as client which when turned on will call to your router IP which with port forwarding can connect to the server running on your laptop. Of course if you use Teltonika RMS vpn tunnel, you can establish connection with that router from anywhere.  If above is of help you can contact me on my email


1 Answer

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by anonymous

For this issue of yours could you share with me a copy of the troubleshoot file? For me to check the configuration.You can share it with me via Private message.