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I am currently testing the 00.07.00 version of the RUTX09 firmware and I have encountered an issue with JSON-RPC.

A mwan3 request is replied by a permission error:

{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32002,"message":"Access denied"}}

By comparing the rpcd configuration file with the version 00.02.06 I have noticed that two new lines have been added to the /etc/config/rpcd file in the admin login section:

list read '!superuser'
list write '!superuser'

Commenting these lines allows me to use JSON-RPC API like before.

Why have you added these lines?

Is it possible to enable JSON-RPC directly from the WebGUI?

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Thank you for your insights. We had this issue reported already and there was a discussion about additional values in the config. Our RnD department currently planning to release a JSON-RPC backend overhaul with the 7.2 release and at this moment deleting superuser value is correct approach if you do want to continue JSON RPC.

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Thank you for you fast reply.

Do you know when the 7.2 will be released?
It is too early to tell yet, but 7.1 should release in a month (more or less) and 7.2 should be released at the end of the year if everything will go according to plans but there is no date set yet and it could be delayed.