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I have a device connected to my Teltonika via LAN and I would like to access it via SSH. I have access to the CLI on my teltonika but everytime I try to SSH into my device I get this error:

 root@Teltonika-RUT950:~# ssh root@

ssh: Connection to root@ exited: No auth methods could be used.

What can I do in order to gain access to my device via SSH? I noticed that the teltonika is running a Dropbear SSH client, is that the reason I am running into issues? Could I install OpenSSH instead on the teltonika can gain access that way?

What are my options? 

Thank you 

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Yes, dropbear's ssh has limited crypto abilities install openssh-client, not sure you'll not run into library compatibility issues however.

opkg update
opkg install openssh-client openssh-client-utils