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by anonymous

We had an established LTE connection with AT&T but when we powered up again the next day the status remains in disconnect

Here is what we have tried and observe:

I verified the AT&T account is still active

I have removed and reinserted the SIM and rebooted several times with no success

I can scan and see operators but cannot register to a selected operator when trying a manual connection

I updated to the latest firmware from 1.14 to 1.14.3 but this did not resolve issue

I do have the trouble shooting log for review

I am looking for recommendations on what else I can try

2 Answers

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by anonymous
For community reference

The problem lay in the plan management by AT&T. The plan reverted from Mobile Hot Spot to a different plan (most likely a sync to another account also managed by our company or unknown change as we did not make the change) this resulted in the RTU240 being disconnected. Once I was able to change the plan back to a Mobile Hot Spot plan the RTU240 showed connected with a public IP about 12hours later.

My advice is check that the plan your using was not changed if you find yourself going to a disconnected state
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by anonymous

I would like to ask if you are using custom or auto APN settings? I would recommend setting it to custom in Network > Mobile settings. Also, could you send me a troubleshoot file from your router via private message?

by anonymous
We are using custom settings for the APN