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One of our RUTX12's resets itself to factory default settings at random occassions. Latest firmware is installed. Are there any pointers where to find a solution?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to check the logs after the restart of the router. One thing that you could do is export the log content into some kind of server, but that would be a lot of hassle for such an issue.

I will need you to do some things before we act:

1. Could you make sure that you're running the latest firmware version of the device?

2. Make sure that the power supply that you're using with the device is not faulty (If you have any other power supply - please try using it instead).

3. Make sure that the groundings of the device are fine (grounding wire inside power supply cable).

4. Also, make sure that you're using your device fully cased and not naked. Make sure everything is tight (antennas and screws of the case) and that the router doesn't get any hard power surges into it when power failure happens.

1. The latest firmware is installed (RUTX_R:00.07.00);

2. Power supply that came with the router is used;

3. Power supply that came with the router is in use;

4. Does this mean an additional casing is needed for the router?

I apologize for the late reply. Additional casing is not required if you are using stock alumminum casing (not just PCB).

I wonder if you could describe an environment where RUTX12 is placed? Is there any chance that the surface or devices near could touch it and create a static discharge?