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We're almost done, so thanks again for the answers so far.

Our use case: Manufacture 2500 Teltonika RUT 240s with QuSpots, using a laptop and python script for provisioning. RMS will not be available to us until after this batch is done (issues making Private APN functional), and we have no idea how to use the RMS to provision settings onto new devices anyway, but that is a later topic.

Approach today:

1. Insert SIM (private APN), assemble, connect, power up.

2. Login, change initial password.

3. Check/upgrade firmware.

4. Apply configuration file.***

5. Pull IMEI, ICCID, SN, MAC address, and push to Sales Force.

6. Done

*** We could only find instructions for HTML and RMS to apply configuration. We did see applying settings one-by-one as an option, then luci-reload

Is there a CLI means of applying a whole backup file? What is best practice here?


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Yes, you can apply a whole backup file using a CLI/SSH command. First of all, you will need to upload backup to your router file system (refer to this guide: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Upload_%26_Download_Files_from_RutOS)

After that, simply use a single command to apply backup:

sysupgrade -r backup.tar.gz