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I am using a TRB145 device (with fw version TRB1_R_00.07.00.1), I have enabled the MQTT publisher service to connect to a broker (with the settings as image below):

Publisher config on TRB14x

With a client I tried to send the uptime value (or one of the other system parameters) on the topic "device/get"  or topic "device/my_device_ID /command" but I don't receive anything in the topic "device/my_device_ID/uptime"

To publish on a topic I use a MQTT.fx client (and also HiveMQ web client) that is connected to the same broker.

How can I know if the TRB145 device is connected to the broker (on its config webpage)?

What is the topic that I have to use to request the system parameters: "device/get" with uptime value or "get/my_device_ID/command" with uptime value? In both cases I get no answer.

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Unfortunately, you cannot see in the WebUI if your MQTT publisher is connected to a broker. I would recommend reading our MQTT guide if you haven't done it yet: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Monitoring_via_MQTT


Thanks for the reply, but I have already read the guide on the site: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Monitoring_via_MQTT

where it is written to send a request on the topic "device/<SERIAL>/parameter_name", but in my case the device (TRB145) does not respond with its value in the relative topic "device/<SERIAL>/parameter_name". In the same wiki page in the example made with a Mosquitto client it seems that it is sufficient to use the publication on the topic "device/get" with uptime value to receive the reply in the topic "device/<SERIAL>/uptime". Also in this case I have no answer from the device.

Unfortunately I don't have access to the broker to check if the device is correctly connected.

When the TLS connection is enabled on the publisher settings, do I need to enter the certificates on the device as well?