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by anonymous

where from i can get host of ping address?

I need this to reconnect with my server but i can not able to find it?

Note:  i need acutely right address not a default host of ping

Best Regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you rephrase your question, please? What do you want to ping in the first place? Why is not a fitting option?

by anonymous
I want to get server ping so if connection get lost so it will auto reboot? does not auto reboot with server ip
by anonymous
And about which server you are talking about? is enough for the reboot, because if you will lose connection, you will not be able to ping and that results in a reboot.
by anonymous
network server ip it is differnt thing but i dont know how to get it normally we find from ipconfig commound but i have try with default ping, it does not reconnect the network server and it is not even let run ddns on recorder so it is special host of the ping for every network provider which help us to reconnect with same server