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by anonymous

I have a problem connecting to Telstra 4G on the 700MHz band.  The symptoms are the same as if I needed to upgrade the Huawei ME906s modem firmware subsequent to the change made by Telstra in 2017. But my RUT950 does not have a Huawei modem, it has a Quectel modem.

The symptoms are:

  • with Service mode="Automatic" in Network/Mobile:
    • it connects with Telstra 4G when it is available on the 850MHz band
    • it does not connect with Telstra 4G when it is only available on the 700MHz band, but connects to 3G on 850MHz instead
  • with Service mode="4G (LTE) only":
    • it does not connect  when 4G is only available on the 700MHz band

The references regarding the Huawei modem firmware upgrade for Telstra 4G over 700MHz are:

From Status/Device, my RUT950 device details are:

  • Serial number 1101410923
  • Product code RUT950MG1XXX
  • Batch number 0065
  • Hardware revision 1307

and modem details are:

  • Model EC25
  • FW version EC25AUFAR02A04M4G

From System/Firmware, I have:

  • Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.2
  • Firmware build date 2019-03-07, 13:49:36
  • Kernel version 3.18.44
  • Bootloader version 3.0.1

From Network/Mobile/General, my "Mobile Configuration" settings are:

  • Connection type="QMI" (rather than "PPP"; note that "NDIS" is not offered)
  • Mode="NAT" (no alternatives)
  • APN="telstra.internet"
  • PIN number=empty
  • Dialing number="*99#"
  • MTU="1500"
  • Authentication method="None" (rather than "PAP" or "CHAP")
  • Service mode="Automatic" (or "4G (LTE) only" as per above)
  • Deny data roaming=unticked
  • Use IPv4 only=ticked

and "Force LTE Network" settings are:

  • Enable=unticked
  • Reregister=unticked
  • Interval (sec)="300"

Can anybody suggest what I need to do to successfully use Telstra 4G(X) over 700MHz with this device?


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by anonymous

Can you try selecing manual band for router to connect to Telstra 4G on 700Mhz? This can be done with the latest firmware and by navigating to Network -> Mobile -> Network Frequency Bands select manual and the band to which you want router to connect.

After selecting, see if router will be able to connect to 4G network.
Best answer
by anonymous

Yes! With the Band set to "B28" and the Connection type set to "4G (LTE) only", I get a connection. Screenshot of Status/Network below.  

So, it seems that the device can connect to 4G on 700MHz but does not do so automatically.  Is there some more I can do to help diagnose that?

By the way:

  • I am relying on to say that the only Telstra 4G in this area is on 700MHz. Screenshot below.
  • My iPhone has 3/4 bars of 4G/LTE but I don't know how/whether I can confirm the band(s) it is using.
  • The RUT950 is using the out of the box antennas i.e. no external mobile antenna.


by anonymous

Could you let us know if you got the same issue with the latest FW version uploaded in the wiki page ?
by anonymous

Unfortunately, as I am travelling I am no longer in the area that only had 700MHz. My current location has 700MHz and 1800MHz on several towers in this region (screenshot from OzTowers below).

I have installed RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.3.  With Service mode=Automatic and Connection method=Automatic in Network/Mobile/General, Status/Network shows Connection type=4G(LTE) and Connection band=LTE BAND 3 (screenshot from Status/Network  below).

I will look out for a 700MHz-only region but do not know where or when that will be.

Please let me know if any further tests would assist. 

by anonymous
No problem, your information is already helpful.