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by anonymous


Trying to find out why this router keeps going offline. Connected via Sim card.

Finally able to log on to it and see the event log (see pictures) 

There seems to be a good signal (-51 dB) and 4G connection. 

The event log keeps saying that the device is connected to the network operator. This message appears approx. every 7 seconds. But it never proceeds from there and never proceeds to the next step 'Joined 4G LTE' and assigning IP adresses on the LAN.

Is it the router antenna that is not right? Could it be the sim card? The reception in the area should be allright, because when it is online the network has a good speed. 

Appreciate any help.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I would like to ask if you are using auto or manual APN settings? Have you changed anything else in Network > Mobile configuration? Are the antennas attached firmly? Also, which firmware version your RUT240 is running at this moment?

by anonymous


Thanks for your reply

We are using manual APN settings. Nothing else has been changed in Network > Mobile configuration. Antennas should be attached firmly, but the terminal is far away so hard to verify. Firmware was updated from 14.0 to 14.3 yesterday, but today the router is online/offline all the time again.

by anonymous

Could you tell me which modem firmware version are you currently using? You can find that by using gsmctl -L command in the SSH terminal.

by anonymous
Can reproduce the problem too. Started after upgrading from 13.3 to 14.3

output of gsmctl -L:

by anonymous
Router is at a remote location and I havent been able to catch it online the last couple of days, but thanks for the feedback ATTESA.
by anonymous

I would recommend reflashing modem firmware for both of you, but I will need to know for certain which version are you using (Mathias version could be different). I will send instructions on how to upgrade via private message individually once I know the versions. Also, you will not be able to upgrade modem firmware remotely.
by anonymous

Router just came back online.

This is the output of gsmctl -L: EC25EFAR02A08M4G

We will probably swop out the router soon, and then take the faulty one back to our workshop and troubleshoot it.

If you want to see the troubleshoot file to see if something can be done, just let me know and I can send it to you directly.

by anonymous

Yes, troubleshoot file would be useful to review before taking any further actions.
by anonymous

I have a similar issue.  The RUT240 stays online for maybe a day, then drops off.  It is at a remote location, not easily accessible.  Manual APN.  No changes in Network > Mobile configuration.  I've set it to ping reboot, but that's obvi not working.  Mobile connection uptime is 23 hours etc.

Will check the antenna connection when I go over. 

Firmware is: RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4

The absolutely most frustrating part is that it's reporting as connected with a -51 dBm signal on 4G, but it's "offline".