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Hi, i use RUTX14 with 2 sim cards (sim 1 primary) of different providers to increase the availability and set the "Load Balancing" option.

But only the primary sim-card is shown as 'running'; the second sim-card remain in status 'stopped'. Is this correct?

Why only the primary sim data are visible in Realtime data/traffic?

I enabled the automatic sim-switch with ' No network | On network denied | On data connection fail' Method LCP echo (default).

The automated sim-switch takes only effect with set the "Failover" option and not with the "Load Balancing" option set?

I am new on Teltonika, so what maybe is the best solution for my case?

Sorry for my bad english, best regards, Josef

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RUTX14 does have a single Category 12 modem which means that only one SIM card can be active at any given moment. Your SIM2 is not connected while SIM1 is active and that is why you do not see any data/traffic.

Automated SIM-Switch works independently from Failover/Load Balancing and occurs on your set conditions (No network/On network denied/ on data connection fail). It will switch automatically only when one of these conditions will be met.