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Some days ago, it did the update firmwareupdate to  7.00. Since that day the RUT955 is not reachable by WLAN,  after switshing it off and on. Connection by LAN (Cable) is ok, but unaccaptale by using it in a camping car. Before the update everything was fine.

I did a complete reset to company settings and a reconnection to a local WLAN. So far so good, it works for the moment.

After switching it off and on, it is again not longer reachable by WLAN. Idid it 3 times, always the same error.

Going back to the old software is not possible, because the WIFI-App needs the the new 7.00 firmware. The ols App-Version is available  any longer in the App-Store

Currently the RUT955 is useless for me. What can i do?


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Could you try to re-install your firmware via the bootloader menu? Instructions on how to do that can be found right here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT9xx_Firmware_via_The_Bootloader_Menu



I did it. Unfortunately without effect.

Allways, when i switch it off (and have been logges in in a guest-wlan) and switch it on at another location, the box is notcreacable by Wlan.

If deactivate the connection to the Guest-Wlan befire switching it off, everything is fine.

Unfortunately the connection to guest-wlans is the main job of my rut955. With the old solfware it works fine.

Added 24.10.2021


I did the update to  07.00.2. Unfotunately with no efect. The error is still the same. ‍♂️