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Hi dear community,

is is there a regulator agains over- and undervoltage inside Rut955 ?

Does the Rut955 starts operating at 9V and below 9V the Rut955 is switched off ?

Thanks again for you answers!!!

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The router has a 4 pin power socket and can be powered by a 9-30 VDC power supply unit (PSU). If you decide not to use the standard 9 VDC wall adapter and want to power the device from a higher voltage (15-30 VDC), please make sure that you choose a power supply of high quality. Some power supplies can produce voltage peaks significantly higher than the declared output voltage, especially during connection and disconnection.

While the device is designed to accept an input voltage of up to 30 VDC peaks, high voltage power supplies can harm the device. If you want to use high voltage power supplies it is recommended to also use additional safety equipment to suppress voltage peaks from the power supply. If you power a device with less than 9 VDC, it could start malfunctioning, especially when there are many services configured.