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Hello, I have the problem with my RUTX09 that I can not get an internet connection.
So I, with the connected PC, am not able to call an internet page.
Also within the Teltonika web view I can not make a speed test. I get the errors that I can not connect to the server and a internet connection is required.

On the Status Overview page the "Data Connection" says disconnected but I am receiving and sending data. Also the SIM IPv6 address shown under MOB1S1A1 matches.

Here is some more info:
FW Version: RUTX_R_00.02.04.01 (because newer ones don't allow connection at all)
ISP: Deutsche Telekom.

In my cell phone the sim card worked.

I would be happy if someone can help me.

is it maybe a problem with the DNS?


i had the same problem. RUTX09, SIM from Deutsche Telekom, no internet... (latest firmware)

The SIM was connected - but with a IPv4 adress = 10.127.x.x ..... Didn't know where this ip came from, but 10.x.x.x are not routable within the internet.

Solution for me: Network -> WAN -> MOB1S1A1 -> Auto APN off

APN = Custom

Custom APN = internet.t-d1.de

.... now I get a 37.81.x.x adress and everything works fine..


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Please update your router to the current latest version "RUTX_R_00.07.00" and test it. If you will not be able to obtain a data connection, please send a troubleshoot file from your router (System > Administration > Troubleshoot) to me via private message.