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by anonymous
Is there any way to execute commands via my TRB140 to communicate to my Raspberry Pi 4 i.e. reboot (sudo reboot)?

I did find this article from Teltonika:

However I believe this is to control the modem itself?

Your help would be much appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


This link: is for the TRB140 device command list for SSH, but it is usually used in Linux systems as well. Now if you want to do SSH to your Raspberry PI you can do ssh from the CLI  of TRB140 if the Raspberry PI is in the same network of TRB140 and if the Raspberry PI SSH service is enabled as well. 

If you want to do SSH to the Raspberry PI remotely let say you can reach the TRB140 from its Public IP address then you can try doing port-forwarding as well. 

Port Forwarding - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope this helps



Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you so much confirming Mellow :)

Out of curiosity, if I have a raspberry Pi connected to the TRB140 via ethernet, if there is no internet connection however SMS commands are still capable, would it still be able to execute the commands via SMS into the RPI's terminal?
by anonymous


This feature: TRB140 Mobile Utilities - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( is used to control the TRB140 device and with the help of the UCI API you can do changes for the configuration itself but executing reboot for the Rasp PI using SMS commands it's not by default. Some scripting or additional research must be done to implement this. 

I hope it helps