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New unit. The antennas are connected, the device provides internet access, but I can't access the web admin interface. I've tried three different computers (2 windows, 1 linux). Two different cables. I've tried using both:

  • Bootloader upgrade URL: - Can't access.
  • Firmware upgrade URL: - Can't access.
I have tried factory reset - didn't help. I've tried the "insert network cable, press down and hold reset button and plug in the power" method. The LED's flash as they should, but I still can't access
The device is visible on the network. I can ping the device.
I've also tried SSH - doesn't work.
Why is it so complicated? Should I return the unit? Is it faulty?

It loads a blank page (white). Keeps loading and times out. Sometimes the address defaults to

My IPv4 settings are:


Netmask: 24


I've tried connecting to the device in bootloader menu mode. Still doesn't work. If I try to SSH root@ it returns connection refuse (port 22).

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Thank you for the detailed description. Unfortunately, your device is faulty and because you cannot even access the bootloader menu, please return the device to your reseller. My sincere apologies.

Best regards.

I have returned the router last week. I was expecting a replacement unit within a few days, considering that's how long it took when I first made the order through a local supplier (Kilobaitas). It's only reasonable to expect a replacement unit immediately, considering it left the factory with a defect. Also due to the fact that the company is 100km away from where the order was made. I called the service to inquire about getting my replacement unit and it appears to have made no progress since and with no concrete timelines available. I have deadlines and my client is already asking what the deal is. I can't afford to wait any longer.
Just to confirm the issue, I've just received another RUT955 and it works right out of the box. Plugged in the network cable, -> and it loads fine.