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To send modbus register value to Azure IoT was easy, great documentation! But how do we write new parameter values to a modbus register from Azure? Would it be through the MQTT on the RUT955?

Any other page than this that describes this? https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Modbus#MQTT_Gateway

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You have answered your question by yourself. You will need to configure the MQTT gateway to write a new value to Modbus register from Azure.


Well yes that is what I understand as well, but the only documentation I have is an example with som definitions:


I'm missing the prespective from the Azure IoT Hub perspective. 


* <cookie> is that mandatory, and is that defined, other than "a 64-bit unsigned integer in range [0..264]). A cookie is ...". Can Azure application use any cookie value?

* <ip>, in the example, is used. Not really useful for the Azure application right?

So my follow up question is How to configure the MQTT gateway (I assume you mean the RUT955 MQTT GW) to write a new value to modbus register from Azure?

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How to configure the MQTT gateway using Azure Hub to write ModBus data?? Do we have a solution or direction for this???