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I tried to find out the correct wiring between RUT955 i/o pins and my power meter which has an S0+ S0- interface with the following specification:

Interface potential-free through an optocoupler,

max. 30V DC/2OmA and min. 5V DC.

S0: Pulse output according to DIN EN 62053-31,

Impedance 100 Ohm, pulse length 30ms, 2000 Imp./kWh

[Manual: https://www.eltako.com/fileadmin/downloads/en/_bedienung/WSZ15D-32A_28032015-1_gb.pdf ]

  1. Which i/o input pins of RUT955 do I have to use?
  2. Who should the circuit diagram look like?
  3. What kind of commands can be used directly in the RUT OS / CLI to monitor/count the pulse coming in?
  4. Is there a suitable .sh script available?

Help appreciated, many thanks in advance.

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Thank you for contacting us.
I will answer to your questions:
- In order to connect this device, please use pin 3 and pin 8. More information:
-  Circuit diagram are displayed in your given manual, in section "Typical connection";
- In RutOS in order to monitor status, you could use commands given in a link bellow:
- Unfortunately, we do not have any suitable script for this case.
Hope it helps.

Best regards,