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by anonymous
RUT240 Public IP

Trying to port forward for RDP to a PC. Have all general firewall settings set to "Accept"

Have a port forward internal 3389 external 7000 to (PC)

Also, have a Traffic rule with the same setup as above, when I do port checker 7000 says closed.

I can access the device via the WAN IP HTTPS

Device LAN

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by anonymous


For this issue of yours, it would be best to try turning off the firewall of the said PC and test if the RDP connection is going to be established. Next is if the same issue occurs try running software like an HTTPS web server or try testing certain ports using a TCP/IP Listener. 

You can use this kind of software: 

Hercules SETUP utility |
HFS ~ HTTP File Server (

If you selected Hercules configure it as a TCP Server and listen to a certain port then try checking if the port is open via Port-Checker and see if it is open. Make sure you did a port-forwarding rule in RUT240 to the listening port that you set in Hercules that is running on your PC. 

I hope this helps