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by anonymous

I am using the latest Firmware on RUTX12 Router. However, I need a package kmod-netem that has kernel dependencies that are not met by the latest RUTOS. Hence, I would like to flash the RUTX12 with the official OpenWRT image which comes with this package. I see that this has been done before for a different Teltonika device:

Is there something we should be aware of before proceeding? Are there any alternatives to flashing pure OpenWRT if we want to get our kernel module installed?

by anonymous
Be advised, that, AFAIK, the RUTX12 is not officially supported by native openwrt. Unlike the RUT955.

Feel free, to modify one of the existing build procedures to match the RUTX12. But that needs special expertise.

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by anonymous


You could flash the official OpenWRT image, but please consider the @augustus_meyer comment before doing it. You will need to do a lot of modifications by yourself to make the official image compatible with our RUTX12 and I would not recommend it as we regularly upgrade our kernel with firmware upgrades.


by anonymous

Unfortunately you are using a modified OpenWRT image that is more than 2 years old and does not allow installation of new kernel packages. Some fairly standard routing rules are not possible to configure because of this.

Do you have a documented Guide on how to flash standard OpenWRT images on Teltonika devices? So I can adapt that for the RUTX12..

Thanks in advance.