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Rut955 Firm R_00.07.00.2

I connect and surf the internet; after a few hours without activity the internet connection is blocked. I cant access the lan but not the internet. To reconennect i have to reset the router. I need permanent internet connection...

"Could you change your APN to manual? Also, I recommend setting the Auto-reboot feature to automatically reboot your router..."

That's a very botched solution. In addition, if I configure in manual when the vehicle circulates in Europe, the supplier will not be able to update automatically. Do you have any other solutions?
Please attach a troubleshoot file from your router once the issue reproduces. You can download it from the System > Administration > Troubleshoot page. I will investigate the logs.

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Do you use mobile internet or a Wired/Wifi WAN? If you are using mobile, do you use Auto or Manual APN settings?

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wifi wan and APN automatic

We bought it 6 days ago and I have been in manual all the time and I have the same problem. Today I changed to automatic to see if the problem persisted and persisted.
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Could you change your APN to manual? Also, I recommend setting the Auto-reboot feature to automatically reboot your router in case it loses connection: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Auto_Reboot