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Hello there,

I have a new RUTX09 here and I am trying to connect it to mobile data. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work. I set up the interfaces for both SIM slots but none of them connect. I am trying IoT-cards from thingsmobile, 1nce and Olivia. Same problem on all of them.

Does the horrable new WebUI require some additional steps? I really cannot understand, why Teltonika came up with a UI that is so much worse than the old one …

Thanks and best wishes to everyone who might read this!

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For this issue of yours could you try setting up the sim card APN manually in Network > Interfaces > MOB1S1A1 (Sim1) or MOB2S1A1 (Sim2) 
If the issue still persists after doing this kindly share with us a copy of the troubleshoot file of your device. 

Also, have you tried double checking if the sim card is working when inserted in a different device like e.g mobile phones? 

Thanks :)