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While on FW 6.8.3 I used the CLI commands ifdown ppp and ifup ppp to turn mobile data off and on.
This i have change for FW 7.0.2 to ifdown mob1s1a1 and ifup mob1s1a1 as ppp did not work and was deprecated.

With FW 7.0.2 it also disables the reception of SMS Utility commands which it did not do with the FW 6.8.3 CLI commands.

What CLI commands should I be using to enable and disable mobile data without disabling the SMS utility commands from working?


I need to turn mobile data off at start up using a CLI command and on again using the SMS command when requried.

It can be done using the SMS commands mobileoff and mobileon but I need a CLI command to just turn it off at startup because of a scheduled reboot.

Any thoughts from out there please.

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SOLVED: ifdown mob1s1a1 is the correct command.

What I had not previously noticed is that the router performed an auto switch to SIM 2. The problem was that there is not a SIM 2 installed.

I turned off Automatic Switching and the RUT955 is doing what I am wanting.

The earlier version of the Firmware did not automatically switch to a non existent one.