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Since upgrading the firmware on my RUT955 to FW 7.0 I have been unable to locate where the Authorisation Phone Groups for SMS Utilities are created or maintained.
The Phone Groups that I had setup prior to the the firmware upgrade are still present and usable.

Where are the SMS Utility Phone Groups able to be maintained?

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For the recipients (phone groups and email users) you can add them in System > Administration > Recipients tab in the latest firmware.

I hope it helps


Thank-you Mellow.

That is exactly what I was after but couldn't find it. I obviously did not go through all the menu options on the new interface.

Regards, Ian

Today, I was looking like crazy to find how to define "Phone Groups" ... but couldn't find it in the Web UI, nor any information on the wiki pages.

Here are two simple-to-implement proposals that reduce the risk of getting grey hair.

  1. On the wiki page Services > Mobile Utilities > SMS Utilities > Modify SMS Rule, add a cross-reference to the page for System > Administration > Recipients: Phone Groups.
  2. Ensure that searching the wiki pages for "Phone groups" (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/wikibase/index.php?search=phone+group&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go) displays the wiki pages containing this information.

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