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by anonymous
Application: laptop connected to a router. router connected to a RUT950. RUT is the gateway to the internet via 4G SIM.

I was remote connected to the laptop via teamviewer and upgrading the firmware of the RUT. Initially I tried upgrading from server RUT9XX_R_00.03.832 to  RUT9XX_R_00.04.75_WEBUI.bin but the process got stuck at 53%. I refreshed the browser and the status showed that the firmware had not changed.

I then downloaded RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.2 from the website and tried to upgrade from file. I lost comms to the laptop around 50% and have not regained since.

I am unfortunately not on location at the device, however a person there has told me there was no fault light and have power cycled it. No comms still.

I had ticked the "Keep All Settings" option before upgrading. Could it have reverted to the default IP?

Suggestions on rectifying the problem is welcome.

Thank you

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Yes, it has almost certainly reverted to default settings. The reason upgrade from server offers FW version RUT9XX_R_00.04.75 even though it is not the latest is because there was a known bug with the keep settings feature after Teltonika changed the firmware versioning system. So for versions older than RUT9XX_R_00.04.75 it is necessary to upgrade to version RUT9XX_R_00.04.75 in order to keep all custom settings after the upgrade. Since version RUT9XX_R_00.04.75 and all later versions you can upgrade with keep settings without any worries. Because you upgraded from RUT9XX_R_00.03.832 directly to RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.2, the router's settings must have reverted to their default state due to the issue I described.

Now since a SIM card is already inserted in the router, the router should have Internet access even with default settings, unless your Internet service provider (ISP) requires additional settings in order to achieve a connection. For example, it may require PAP/CHAP authentication or APN. In that case, I would suggest contacting someone who is on site to configure any required mobile settings in order to achieve a connection and you should be able to regain remote access.

One more thing: there have been a lot of changes since version RUT9XX_R_00.03.832. One important change that you may not be aware of is that it is now mandatory to change the router's default password from admin01 to a password than contains at least 8 symbols, at least one upper case letter and at least one digit (for example, Abcdefg1). So if you decide to contact someone to configure the router, you should probably think of a password and inform them of this, since you can't configure anything before you change the password.

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by anonymous
Thank you very much
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by anonymous

You can configure the router by sending SMS messages to it, we do this.

You can set the apn to, its very simple. just send something like:

admin01 cellular apn=internet

internet in the above is the APN, then when its online you can configure a VPN or connect it to the RMS

by anonymous
Hi thanks for the great suggestion.

I am having a bit of trouble understanding the link you sent. Is the link talking about sending configuration from one RUT to another RUT?

Or are you suggesting sending a SMS text from a phone to modify the config of a RUT? What is the text format I should use?

In the example that a device reverts to factory setting, the device would still need to at least connect to a GSM network with the SIM for this to work wouldn't it?

by anonymous

You can send the SMS from any device, a mobile is fine to set the APN.

Just send the text to the SIM mobile number in the device, GSM will be active by default.

So send:
admin01 cellular apn=internet

Then either use another router to configure this router to bring up a VPN so you can connect to it, or register the device on the RMS and you will have access to it that way, you will need the serial number and the MAC address to register it on the RMS,

Hope this helps.

by anonymous
I sent that particular command via SMS from a phone and it worked.

Are there documentation on what other settings can be set via SMS? For example the carrier to connect to, or the band. What format would they be? What about a simple command to check the status of the device?

I have registered for RMS. What is the minimum requirement for a device to be connected to the RMS? I am trying to work out what SMS commands should be sent to the device in an event of a fault/factory reset to be able to see it in RMS and configure it back.