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Hello. Does this router support RNDIS protocol and can I call any number directly from it via sim card. Don't just send an SMS. Can I do it via Ethernet by sending a packet, eg UDP

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The RUTX09 does not support voice over LTE, but you could try to make outgoing calls with the following command:

  • gsmctl -A 'ATD+<phone_number>;'

Here are some additional things to take note of:

  • There will be a short delay (about 3-5 seconds) after executing the command before the RUX09 starts the call.
  • If you pick up the call, the router will not drop the call automatically. To terminate the call from the router's side, use this command:
    • gsmctl -A 'ATH 0'
  • While the RUTX is making outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls, the service type will change from LTE to WCDMA.
  • If you originate a second call while another call is active, the first call be automatically put on hold.
Also, RUTX09 does use the Quectel EG06 modem, and you could google AT commands datasheet for more information about calls.