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by anonymous
Hi, I have two RUT240 routers. Each router is connected to controller Schneider TM221 and the routers must make a direct connection between the two controllers which are located at a remote distance. One controller must transmit information to the other through the Ethernet. The SIM cards in the routers have real addresses.

Please help how to make the connection between the two controllers?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

There are few ways to do it.

1. If your controllers support L3 type internet connection you should be able to achieve this by having two Public IP's, one each per RUT240.

Once you have that - you can either port forward to the PLC with public IP and PLC port, or use Bridge or Passthrough modes to give the whole Public IP to the PLC.

It is also possible to do through VPN and this would require you only one Public IP for only one of the routers (which will be the VPN server of course).

For that case I recommend reading about any of those and choose the one that looks the easiest for you:

My personal opinion would be that ZeroTier is the easiest one to configure:

2. If you know that your PLC's do not support L3 and only connects to each other through L2. In that case you would be required to use either L2TP over IPSec VPN or OpenVPN in TAP mode.