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by anonymous
I would like to know if any hotspot configuration is saved in RMS, and what happens to a router (RUT360 for example) if it is being reset to factory defaults.

Does RMS reinstall the hotspot settings, assuming it has RMS active on the router, and will it then continue to add to the daily/monthly allowance of data, or does that reset as well?

I don't want users to use up their allowance and then factory reset the router so they can have more internet.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hi, RMS does not save any configuration of a router, it only works as a tools to manage and monitor devices remotely.

If a device is being reset, no data is being saved, even the hotspot instance is deleted. So customer wont be able to use internet at all
by anonymous
Hi, the default password is printed on the router, so if they do a factory reset they will be able to connect through the default password, which is one of my concerns. I have figured out how to make backup configurations daily, and I was hoping to figure out how to configure a router to install a backup configuration upon connecting with RMS, but that appears a little more difficult than expected to me.
by anonymous


In that case, you can configure the minimum time to hold the reset button, to the point that it will be impractical for your client to reset it.

You can also turn it off, but then if you do need to use it, it will harder for you to recover access to your device.