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by anonymous
Hello! :-)

I set up a VPN server using SSTP.

I'm able to connect from a Windows 10 and a Windows 8.1 computer to the VPN server. So I guess, the server is set up properly.
However, from a TRB140 using the same credentials, I cannot connect to the VPN server.

Do you have a hint for me? Thank you!!



Wed Nov  3 20:52:56 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'VPN' is setting up now
Wed Nov  3 20:52:57 2021 local0.notice sstpc[19061]: Resolved to
Wed Nov  3 20:52:57 2021 local0.notice sstpc[19061]: Connected to
Wed Nov  3 20:52:57 2021 local0.debug sstpc[19061]: Unrecoverable socket error, 5
Wed Nov  3 20:52:57 2021 local0.debug sstpc[19061]: HTTP handshake with server failed
Wed Nov  3 20:52:57 2021 daemon.notice netifd: VPN (19061): **Error: HTTP handshake with server failed, (-1)
Wed Nov  3 20:52:58 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'VPN' is now down

Server is using a valid SSL certificate signed by Let's Encrypt.
Server has nothing in its log. :(

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Thank you for your query.

In general our devices can work only as SSTP clients and the configuration is fairly simple, it could be found here:

Steps you would need to take:

1) Enable SSTP instance

2) Put service public IP address(hostname)

3) Put in your Username and Password

4) Upload CA SSL certificate to the router

5) Click save and apply

*6)* additional step - you might need to enable default route if it is not connecting

Could you please elaborate a little bit about your SSTP server set up, where did you host your server on? Is it on your Windows machine? Is there any chance you could provide remote access/anydesk access(if it is hosted on your machine) to this server via private message so I could have a more in depth look into it and its configuration?

Best Regards,


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by anonymous


I have received your private message and was able to connect from my windows machine to your server using the hostname you provided. However, I have experienced an issue while trying to connect from the router. Because the hostname includes the letter ü. I am afraid that our router does not support this in config files, therefore, I am unable to put this hostname. Strangely, when I put the public Ip that you have provided originally with the log when creating this query: I am unable to connect from my Windows machine due to issue with CN. Could you please let me know how are you connecting from another Windows computer are you using the hostname or the public IP address? If you are using the hostname, could you try using the public ip address and let me know if you can connect to the server.

In regards to the hostname, is there a  chance you could try changing it to something without this letter ü? so I could test it out on my router.

In addition, please add your Routers Troubleshoot file. Navigate to System->Administration->Troubleshoot and download the troubleshoot file. Forward it to me please.

Best Regards,