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I am new to RMS and was trying to configure remote desktop. I connected my Teltonika router to another router for internet as shown on your youtube videos, then connected my laptop to teltonika router. Now internet works fine. Teltonika router LAN IP WAN IP / Laptop IP / internet source router IP . When I try to add remote connection using RDP and puttin laptops IP which is it adds the device but when I try to connect it says ‘device could not be reached’

can you show me a topology where it will work? My computer doesnt have an antivirus so leave that option out. Also all connections are permitted on the laptop and I can connect to my laptop using another router


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This issue still may come from a PC. Have you checked if you have enabled remote desktop in your PC settings? For example, Windows 10 settings should look like this:

Enable Remote Desktop should be set to on, and PC should be set as discoverable.


Thanks for responding fast. Like I said all connections are permitted on the computer side and computer is discoverable