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by anonymous


according to my previous question about Power Supply Voltage monitoring:

I have been monitoring voltage via JSON RPC but I cannot obtain value for modem SLM750.
From CLI when I use: gsmctl -A AT+QADC=0
the result is: ERROR

Second thing are result differences for routers RUT230 and RUT240.
For RUT240 (modem EC25) with the correction 0,4V results are quite proper except modem SLM750 (#ERROR)

But for RUT230 (with modem UC20) results obtained by equation are way to low.
I have values in range 8,5 - 8,75V where there is constant voltage by PSU 12V.

Do you have proper equation that could be apply for each modem type?
Is there possibility to monitor power supply for modem SLM750?

Best regards,

1 Answer

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by anonymous


To get the ADC voltage on SLM750 module, please use the following commands:

  • Set command: AT+AD CREAD=<n>
  • Query command: AT+ADCREAD?
  • Test command: AT+ADCREAD=?
  • Example: AT+ADCREAD=1

Here is the link to the RUT230 Power consumption values:

Take a look if the values are correct. If you will have any further questions, please detail how you calculate output values? Do you need to get the module voltage value or the device's voltage value? What do you mean by a correction of 0,4V? Maybe it is possible to share PrintSrceens of logs?




by anonymous

thank you for answer. But the page you have provided is for power consumption (in W) but I need voltage input (in V).
I made a correction because of voltage dropdown at rectifying diode which was calculated by our electricians team (based on our tests with laboratory power supply).

The same calculation were confirmed by Tomas ( )

Best regards,