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What is the correct procedure for factory resetting a RUT550 device?

Not sure what we've done different but letting the device stay powered for ~5 mins. then hold power button for 5s, release then it reboots and factory resets. Not sure why it's suddenly working but it's done it on 5 devices so far.


We purchased a job lot of these second hand and they all have passwords on we do not know and the seller cannot find out.

Can get to the login screens fine. Just not log in.

Tried: Holding reset while powering on. This makes the device take ages to boot. Cannot seem to get to bootloader on 1.1/index.html or uboot.html cannot ping during this time.
Holding reset while powered on for 5, 10, 15, 20, 40s. Just doesnt do seem to do anything.

Is there a specific or another way to reset these? Any jumper connectors inside the device?

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by anonymous

Device has to reset after holding reset button for 5 seconds so this is kinda strange behaviour, assuming these device are quite old it might be related to the hardware, but hard to tell without having the exact device.