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RUTX09 - RUTX_R_00.07.00

Our old RUT950 has died, and we have a new RUTX09. There are support documents for TAG based VLAN configuration for the legacy WebUI (which we had working), but nothing that helps for the current WebUI found on the RUTX09, and the new configuration options seem much more complicated.

We have an existing network with a number of VLANs.

The primary LAN 192.168.101.n is used for device management and management users. DHCP is provided by another device. Traffic on the primary LAN is untagged at the point where it arrives at the RUTX09. The RUTX09 has a static IP address on this subnet configured.

The RUTX09 is required to provide internet access via the MOBILE interface for additional VLANS.

The RUTX09 is connected by a single ethernet cable plugged into LAN1, to a data switch some 50m distant. Untagged traffic on this port is for the primary LAN, and tagged traffic arriving at this port is for the appropriate VLAN.

The RUTX09 is required to provide DHCP and DNS services to devices on these additional VLANS, in addition to internet access on the MOBILE interface.

I don't recall having any difficulty setting this up on the RUT950, but try as I might, I am unable to get this working on the RUTX09.

I have searched for existing support material, but there is nothing beyond a brief mention of "Interface Based VLAN".

It would be very helpful if similar configuration documentation could be provided for the new WebUI as is available for the old.

Alternatively, a detailed answer to this question would probably provide help for all.


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Let me answer my own question !!!

I think the WebUI terminology, and possibly logic left over from setting up VLANS on data switches, may have led me astray, into thinking that a tagged VLAN would not come under the heading of "PORT BASED VLAN" and would therefore come under "INTERFACE BASED".

In fact, tagged VLANS can be set up quickly and easily under NETWORK | VLAN | PORT BASED.

Here are the steps required to add a VLAN with the tag 103 using the WebUI :

Network | VLAN
   Create new VLAN with VLAN ID 103
   Set Ports
      LAN 1 - Tagged
      LAN 2 - Tagged
      LAN 3 - Tagged
      WAN   - Off

   Add new Instance
   Interface Name VLAN103

   General Settings
      Protocol - Static
      IPv4 address -
      mask -
      gateway -
      IPv4 broadcast - blank
      DNS servers - blank

   Advanced Settings

   Physical Settings
      Bridge - off
      Interface - eth0.103  <== Option availability relies on prior VLAN creation


   DHCP Server   
      Enable DHCP - enable
      Start 201
      Limit 40
      Lease Time - 12
      Units - Hours

A reboot is probably advisable at this point.

At this point all three LAN ports will handle untagged traffic which will be allocated to the default VLAN ID of 1 (LAN interface), and traffic tagged with 103 will be allocated to the VLAN103 interface.

Although in normal use the RUTX09 will only have single ethernet cable link to a data switch, it might be useful to configure the LAN3 port so that for diagnostic purposes any device (a laptop) plugged into LAN3 is directly connected to the "103" subnet, and we can do this from the WebUI as follows :

   For VLAN ID 1 - Change LAN 3 port from Untagged to Off
   For VLAN ID 103 - Change LAN 3 port from Tagged to Untagged

All pretty straightforward at the end of the day, and I hope that this post might save others a bit of time.