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by anonymous
I just got a rut240 and a new AT&T SIM card. The router says it’s not connecting to the network. AT&T says everything is good on their side. This is the first time am ushering a mobile router like this so not sure what to do. The tech walked me thru as much as she could but I can’t find a place to put in the mcc and mcn. I’ve read that those aren’t needed but not sure what else to try. The one thing I am worried about is that it’s a 5G SIM card. The guy at the store said it didn’t matter but I’m not sure.

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by anonymous


1. First of all, please check if your RUT240 product code is exactly of this type: RUT240 *1**** (it's an AT&T, Bell and T-Mobile version of RUT240).

If yes, lets move on to the next step:

2. Ask your operator what APN are you supposed to use with your data plan, once you get it - go to Network > Mobile in WebUI and find Auto APN option. You have to untick it and type in the APN you were given into Custom APN option and save the changes you've made.

After some time, if that was enough, your mobile data connection should go up, if not - check the Network > WAN page if the Mobile WAN is selected as Main WAN.

If this also didn't help - lets move on.

3. Try reflashing your router without keeping the settings with the newest possible firmware in our wiki page:

Once you've done it - repeat step 2.

4. If the above also didn't help try using different SIM cards of the same operator or if it's possible try Bell or T-Mobile.

If nothing helped try downloading the troubleshoot file that you can find in System > Administration > Troubleshoot. Make sure you download it after about 5 minutes of routers uptime to make sure the device tried to connect to the network already.

You can attach the file here in this thread and it will be visible only to the moderators of this forum.


by anonymous
I basically tried all of those.  Spent over 10 hr with AT&T tech support and could not get it working.  I've returned the unit as it does not seem to work.
by anonymous
I have an RUTX11 and have had numerous ATT sim cards randomly stop working.   I too have spent hours on the phone with AT&T.  In fact, I've had one modem down since 36 hours ago.   I went to the store to pick up a new physical card today to rule the sim card in or out of the cause.   We'll see what happens tommorrow.  

ATT technical support made the remark that since they've been decommissioning their 3G networks they have received many, many calls of people who have supposed 4G modems/devices that have stopped working reliably on the network.  I had my modem set to 4G Only.   So, this is a huge mystery with ATT and it sounds like they haven't figured it out either.  Very dissapointing.   ATT lists the RUTX11 as an approved device but I noticed that the plans they offer for it are very low data plans and they categorize this device as an iOT.  I use mine, or attempt to, on construction site offices so my staffs can access the internet.   Any insights about this modems relationship to ATT's 3G initiative will be very much appreciated.   Right now, I may have to choose another manufacturer.   Thx!