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by anonymous
My RUT850 has been working as expected for about 10 month, then it stopped working. I have spend time on and of for the last month to try to fix it, but nothing seems to help.

Everything looks fine, but devices connected to the WiFi, can no longer use the internet.

The router:
- Has been powered off and on
- Has been reset to factory default
- Has the latest firmware
- No errors in any status on the Lights or Management GUI
-  WiFi fine and running
-  Internet fine and running
-  Can ping

Devices (Car radio, phone and notebook):
- Can connect to the WiFi (but say no internet)
- Can get internet access just after RUT850 restart for a minute or two, not every time.

I have contacted the reseller for repair/replace, but would like help to try to find the problem or maybe even avoid to replace.

Thanks, Dannie

I will post a status dump, when my car gets home.

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by anonymous

You have mentioned that you have contacted a reseller already for a replacement. Before accepting the device he will help you troubleshoot the issue to make sure that it is a hardware defect. From your description, it looks as it has issues with the WiFi module, but I can say more after you provide a troubleshoot file from your router (download it only when the issue is reproducing).