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My RUT850 may need to be replaced, so I need to find a new WiFi, 4G or 5G mobile router for my Car.

I currently use it for:
- WiFi Internet for Android car radio, remote control of heat and charging.
- Car location tracking
- Car start, stop, battery level and GEO location zone alerts via SMS/E-mail.

If replacing it, I would also like more vehicle specific functions like:
- OBD2 integration
- CAN bus integration

Does Teltonika have another Router or Vehicle device that would fit my needs or wants?

Thanks, Dannie

1 Answer

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To replace RUT850, RUT955 will suit you. You can also consider RUTX11, with it you will get WiFi AC 5GHz., Bluetooth, but only 2 Inputs /Output. Both of these options have been certified and are safe for use in vehicles and have an E-Mark certificate. 

Functions such as:
- OBD2 integration
- CAN bus integration
is not supported by routers.