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by anonymous
Hello all,
I have mount a pfSense server wit openVPN server ( 400mbit symetric )
I mount my windows openVPN client directly to pfSense/openVPN server and mesuring 400mbit symetric

with my RUT240 :
I use WAN connection with gigabit fiber
Without VPN activated the connection is symetric as 100mbit ( hard limitation coming from ethernet port from my RUT240)
I activate the open VPN client on my RUT 240 - without limitation and without load balancing
The bandwidth in the VPN is only symetric between 5 and 7 mbits.
Is it a normal case !?
Any idea ?

Thx in advance for your reply.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You can try changing the VPN protocol or the remote server, parameters such as encryption greatly affect the speed. Also try to disable the firewall on the local computer, filtering incoming data can slow down the speed. You can use the iperf3 utility to measure the VPN connection speed. For installation:

opkg update

opkg install iperf3

Best regards.