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I'm trying to get the SMS to email forward to work in my RUT240 router.
I can set up SMS forward to mail using the GUI and it works, but only for a while, or until reboot.
When it has stopped working all settings in the GUI is blank.

Is there a known problem with the firmware RUT2XX_R_00.01.14 that I'm running?
I understand the intuitive answer would be to "Upgrade the firmware and see if it helps" but my router are at a remote location and I'm not able to go there until the coming spring due to it is situated on a small island. I see nothing related to this in the log of fw:s since this one.

Any suggestions? I can access the router via SSH so can look at logs and such if necessary.

Could be a out-of-flash memory issue perhaps?
96% full which is pretty close to full with the small amount of flash available...

In that case I could use some help how to clean memory without bricking the router...

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I solved it while describing above...

I erased /overlay/upper/usr/var/log/messages and changed the settings under administration->troubleshooting not to store logs on flash and now the settings are consistently there over reboots
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