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Hi there

Is there an API call or a way to check the status of a camera connected to the RUT remotely.

For example, i have a camera connected to the RUT, Camera is using port like to PING the port to see if I get a response OR

is there an API available that tells the status of the port

thanks in advance

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Could you please clarify if you want to know whether camera port is open from WAN side or only in a LAN? If I understand correctly you want to check whether your camera's TCP port is open - in that case please proceed with the following steps:

  • If you want to check whether camera port is open from WAN (internet) side then any simple port checker tool (port forwarding tester) on the internet should do the trick as long as your router's WAN IP address is public. I would suggest using this site to check if your port is open from WAN (internet) side: In the field Remote Address enter your public WAN IP and for port number enter the external port number which is being forwarded by the router to camera. Please note that this method will not work if you have a private WAN IP address.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to know whether camera port is open only in LAN then you'd have to use a telnet client or any port scanning software (for example Nmap) to check whether specific port of required device is open in LAN. If you'd like further instructions about this let me know and I'll provide them here in another reply.

Also, please note that pinging the device via specific port is not possible in a conventional way since regular ICMP pings don't use any TCP/UDP ports. Regardless, if you have any further questions please let me know!

Kind regards,



What we're asking is, how can we see the status of a connected device. Like the image below from the RMS, we can see 2 devices' like to do the same thing on our own portal




In this case it may be possible to employ the usage of RMS API. Please take a look at our RMS API documentation here:

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